Mum slammed for filling freezer with pre-cooked meals for her 30-year-old son

A mother has been slammed after revealing she keeps her freezer fully stocked with meals so that her adult son can ‘let himself in for a feed’ whenever he likes.

The woman had to defend her actions after uploading an image of her fridge to Facebook, which shows the unit is full to the brim with pre-cooked meals.

She said that the meals include curry, soup, pasta, casserole, and a range of rice dishes – but although she cooked them out of kindness, her post wasn’t well received.

The mother received a slew of angry comments from Facebook users, who slammed her to such a degree that she disabled comments and posted a statement.

The Daily Mail reported that the woman said: “This post was meant to inspire, not judge. I am turning off comments as this is becoming very overwhelming, love to you all, life can be wonderful no matter what.”

But not everyone was angry at the woman, some were inspired and praised her, while others asked her questions about the meal prep.

One user said: “‘You are a wonderful mumma.”

While a second said: “My mum is exactly like you, she feeds me when I am there and I am over 30. I hope I do the same for my son because I love cooking.”

And a third had a question about freezer burn, and asked: “How do you get them to reheat well?”

To which the mother replied: “Freezer burn is usually because it has been sitting in there too long.”

Meanwhile, another savvy mum has shared a hack that saves her thousands of pounds everyyear.

The Australian woman, Janelle, takes advantage of discounted items and promotions at her supermarket by putting the money she would have spent on them into a separate savings account.

After she’s paid for her food shop, she’ll look at the receipt to see the total savings of her shop.