Shrek fans are horrified after discovering the grim fate of Mama Bear

Shrek is, without question, up there with the best kids’ films of all time.

But, while the unconventional fairytale mash up tells a heartwarming love story about being the most authentic version of ourselves, the movie is littered with some undeniably dark undertones.

In fact, some aspects of the film are so subtle you’d never even notice, even if, like us, you’ve seen Shrek approximately 47543 times.

Anyway, one eagle-eyed fan has pointed out a subtle little storyline which reveals exactly what happened to the Mama Bear, Pall the magical creatures were rounded up in the forest, under the orders of evil little Lord Farquaad.

Twitter user Sanade shared a clip of someone watching the 2001 movie, with the screen paused on a still of the three bears in cages.

“Alright, we’re watching Shrek. Now, we got the three bears; Daddy Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear,” the voice says. “Baby Bear crying cause the cage is too small. Anyway, Mmma Bear got the pink bow, remember that, Mama Bear got the pink bow, remember that pink bow.”

The person then fast forwarded to a scene from outside Shrek’s swamp, when all the magical creatures gathered there – much to the dismay of the ogre himself.

“Now, fast forward, we gon’ get through all this another time, but here, boom now ding, we got two bears – Papa Bear and Baby Bear, but no Mama Bear, where’s Mama Bear?” the voice questions. “And they’re free, right, but Baby Bear is still crying and Papa Bear still looks sad, why? Because Mama Bear isn’t there, where’s Mama Bear?”

Now, most viewers probably wouldn’t notice there was only two bears, in the midst of all the hundreds of weird and wonderful creatures, but it’s not until later in the movie that we get to see where Mama Bear went, and it’s truly brutal.

Skipping forward again, the voice says, “Fast forward, and… Bruh. Bruhh,” just as the camera pans across Lord Farquaad’s bedroom floor and see that Mama Bear is now a distasteful rug, complete with the bow still intact. Pure evil.

“I’ve always wondered why they put dark shit like this in movies that’s supposed to be for kids… Something so sinister about that to me,” one Twitter user wrote, while others pointed out that most of these hidden storylines go under the radar for children, and are there for the entertainment for the adults.

Nevertheless, we don’t think we’ll ever be able to watch Shrek in the same light again – it’s even worse than when we found out what Lord Farquaad was getting up to in the mirror scene.